My FabMag experience

Hi my name is Juwairiyyah and I’m going to tell you all about my time in Fabmag.

At first I was told I was going to be a FabMagger by Mrs Taylor in Year 4, after I felt a bit nervous because it was my first time and so shocked that a teacher chose me for FabMag. On Friday it was FabMag and I could not wait any longer, I just wanted to get on with my article. When we got to Saint Josephs, I met loads of people there and made friends so quickly. I finished my article and then showed it to Mr Simpson, who is kind and trustworthy, and then at two o’clock we all published it. We came back to school and joined in with P.E. We came back to FabMag after three weeks and this time St Josephs came to OLV, and we wrote our articles in the library.

This week I wrote about wild cats and what habitat they have and what  they do and eat. Same again we published at two o’clock and were just in time for the warm up in P.E. After three weeks, we went to Saint Josephs with a smile on our faces and with a jolly feeling entering the school. We saw Mr Devlin, who is our headteacher and so is Saint Josephs, passing by and said hello are you ok? Like always, we published our articles and went back to school. The next time, Saint Josephs came to OLV and this week I did what can you watch on Christmas? I showed Mr Simpson and he said could you do a bit better, I said yes. Same routine, we published it and we went to school and joined in P.E. The three weeks had been and this time I did A Biography on Tim Peake at  OLV and Mr Simpson checked my work because I forgot my laptop at home. He said it was fabulous and put into my words so he put it on top story. Mr Simpson gave us treats because we were so good and so were all our articles.

Thank you for reading my fabmag life and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. J McGuinness | Apr 19, 2018 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    We love having you as part of our team. Keep up the great writing.

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