My Favorite Poems

I have a lot of poems I like, but these are my absolute favourites! Hope you enjoy!


A Cock And Bull Story

The cock’s on the housetop blowing his horn,

The bull’s in the barn a-threshing of corn,

The maids in the meadow are making of hay, 

The ducks in the river swimming away.

The reason I like this poem is because it’s really catchy and the fact it was one of my favorite poems growing up.


Ring A Ring O’ Roses

Ring A Ring O’ Roses,

A pocket full of posies,

Atishoo!, Atishoo!,

We all fall down,

Down at the bottom of the deep blue sea, 

Catching fishes for my tea.

I’m not really sure if the last two lines are actually part of the poem, since I think this is what we used to recite at school. I just really love this poem!

 Someday Someone Will Bet That You Can’t Name All 50 states

California, Mississippi,

North and South Dakota,

New York, Jersey, Mexico and

Hawaii, Georgia, Maryland.

Hampshire, Minnesota.

Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon,                           

Connecticut, and Maine,

Virginia (West and plain).

Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas,

Illinois, Alaska.

I think I’ll stop there! I think I’ve named around 23 to 24 states! This poem is in a book called, “The Works 2, Poems on every subject and every occasion”. It’s an amazing book! I’ve read it, and there’s LOTS of poems! I recommend you read it.


Doggy Heaven

All doggies go to heaven (or so I’ve been told).

They run and play along the streets of gold,

Why is heaven such a doggie-delight?

Why, because there’s not a single cat in sight!

This poem is just funny and short. It’s catchy and snappy too!I also really like this poem too!


Well, those were my favorite poems! Hope you enjoyed reading this article! Byee!

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Hi! I'm Afsana, and I'm a little weird! My best friends are Martha, Olivia, Tia, Najibah, Kamran and Thomas. I like drawing, daydreaming, making people laugh and writing on Fabmag, obviously! The teachers at FabMag are Mr Simpson, Mr Palmer, Miss McGuinness and Mrs Thornton.

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  1. Juwairiyyah Mahmood | May 19, 2017 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    Hello Afsana. I loved your poems and I wish you luck on your next article.

  2. J McGuinness | Jun 8, 2017 at 7:59 pm | Reply

    I enjoyed reading the poems Afsana

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