My Guide to Swimming

I really love swimming. The feeling of diving under the water and the water flooding in my ears is the best feeling in the world. I have been swimming since I was 5 years old. I started out somewhere in Silsden and got a couple of badges but I remember not liking it because it was cramped and there was no freedom. I started doing meters and learning the strokes when I was 6 and I moved to Keighley swimming baths. My first instructor was an older man who used to hold my hand and pull me along the side because I was terrified of backstroke! He was the teacher who made me conquer my fear and I am eternally grateful for that because if he hadn’t have done that I wouldn’t be the swimmer I am. I won’t bore you but as the years went on I gathered more badges and moved up groups. When I got to the Bronze badge I was ahead of my group so I couldn’t really swim to the standard I had to so I made the decision to move to Shipley swimming baths. I didn’t know anyone and I felt really lonely and worried because I was so much slower then everyone else. As time went on I moved on a group and caught up. I also made a great friend called Maisie and we are really close. My old teacher was called Paul and he pushed and pushed me to do my best every Wednesday night and although it didn’t seem worth it at the time it definitely was! I recently did my grade 4 exam and I was very nervous but I passed! I was really proud and happy that day when I collected my badge and certificate. I was proud of how far I had come. From being the little girl who was scared of back crawl to the girl who could do butterfly and didn’t have to do any more swimming lessons because she passed her exam! If any of you are taking swimming lessons and you think “I’ll  never get there” trust me you will. I did it so you can to.

Fun facts about swimming:

1. Breaststroke is the oldest and slowest stroke in the Olympics.

2. Over half the top swimmers in the world suffer with back pain!

3. Swimming has been taking place for over 10,000 years!!

4. Swimming became an Olympic event in 1896.

5. Swimming works out all the body’s main muscles! 🏊🏻

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