My holiday to Mallorca

Day 1:

On Monday 27th May 2019, me, my mum, my brother and my stepdad got up to get ready to go to the airport. About half an hour later,we a got into the car and drove off the the airport. Arriving at the airport, we parked our car and went to drop our luggage off. It was about 8:45 and we were just waiting for the gate number to be announced. Around 8:50 the gate was called so we went to the gate and got ready to board the plane. Finally, we were in the air and about to order some food, I decided to order a ham and cheese toastie with some water. After taking a nap, it was time to land so I was getting really exited and before we knew it we was in Mallorca! We got off the plane, and got onto a bus that took us through to the airport to pick up our luggage. Luggage was all picked up, we went outside into the warm heat of Mallorca I looked at my phone and forgotten it was only 12:00 we got into the taxi and headed over to the hotel. 5 minutes into the journey, we had ALREADY arrived, I raced out of the car and stared at the hotel it was so NICE. I ran into the reception as my mum was checking in,we got the key and went to our room and unpacked. After we had done all that, we went and had a look around the hotel when that was done me, my mum and brother (my stepdad at the hotel) went for a walk around the area it was so pretty. Time flew, as we got back it was about 18:00 (1 hour ahead) and tea was at 19:30 so we went and got into some nice clothes to go down to tea in. After tea, nothing much happened all we did was sit downstairs and play cards and then go to bed.

Day 2:

Today, went down for breakfast around 8:15 and I had some bread and butter (I am a very fussy eater!) I did try other things but I did not like them. We all decided that today was going to be a pool day.Before lunch, we didn’t do that much all I did was sunbathe and so did everyone else. But after lunch, I swam and played in the pool but only for about 1 hour. when I came out, I got dried and went to the park (that was at our hotel) with my brother. At around 17:00 we went to our room to get washed and ready for tea. Again, there wasn’t that much that I liked but I managed to eat some food. After tea me, my mum, my brother went for another walk but this time I got an ice cream I got the white chocolate Kinder Bueno one. There again after the walk we didn’t do the much.

Day 3:

So today we went for breakfast around 7:45. For breakfast, I just had a cheese sandwich. During breakfast, we were deciding whether or not to go to the beach in the end we decided to go. After breakfast, me and my mum went back to the room to get everything to go to the beach with. We came down and we all started walking to the beach. Arriving at the beach, we sat down on some sun beds and waited to pay for them whilst we were waiting I got my hair braided by the people on the beach. After, we had some games of bat and ball it was time for lunch we all decided to get some pizza. As time past, it was around 16:oo and we decided to head off . On the way back to the hotel we stopped off for an ice cream this time I got a milk chocolate Kinder Bueno flavoured one. Back at the hotel, we were all getting showered and dressed to go down for tea and as usual there wasn’t much I liked. After tea, we all had a game of snooker, me and my brother played at the park, we all played cards and we all had a game of bingo but sadly we didn’t win. That was really it for the night.

Day 4:

This morning, I woke up really exited because today we was going to Aqualand (a water park)! I rushed out of bed and got dressed (as everyone was waiting for me) then we headed down for breakfast. For breakfast they had some pancakes I tried one but I didn’t really like it so instead I toasted some baguette and put some butter and jam on it. Also we made some sandwiches to take to the water park with us (even though we weren’t allowed). After breakfast, we went back to the room and made sure we had everything for the day so then we headed to the water park . The good thing about the water park was that it just 5 minuets away from our hotel so we just walked. After we walked for 5 minuets, we finally arrived at the water park. I was so EXCITED! So we got into the queue (that was very short)and waited to scan our tickets. Once we were in, me and my brother went over and bought a fast pass then we got some sunbeds and went to go and some rides. The first ride, me and my brother went on was called Formula Race this one was were you have three slides and you go down them in a raft all at the same time. After that ride, we walked around around the park looking for some rides to go on. The next one we decided to go on was called Multipitas this was just a simple raft ride were you just go down and that’s it for that one. Next, we went on the rapids this one was a map ride ( I don’t really like these but I thought I’d give it ago.) We got our mat and headed up to the top of the slide. When we got to the top, we had a race but unfortunately my brother won. After that ride, my brother got really cold so he went back to the sun bed. So then by myself, I went back on formula race and Multipitas. Now it was about 12:00 and I decided to go back to the sun bed and get a snack. Whilst I was getting a snack, we was deciding what we was going to do for lunch my brother wanted to go back to the hotel but i didn’t. In the end my brother and stepdad went back to the hotel for some lunch and me and my mum stayed and had some sandwiches and crisps. The second I finished my lunch, the waves came on in the wave pool so I jumped off my sun bed and ran into the wave pool. After i had been in the wave pool, my brother and stepdad were not back yet so I decided to go over to Adventureland were there was no queue at all. Adventureland is where there are loads of mini rides that are just for kids. One of the rides that I went on the most there was a mat ride but the mat ride did not go I to a pool of water so I liked it. About half an hour past, and they finally arrived. So the next ride me and my brother went on was called anaconda and this was just a high water slide that you just went down. There were  two colours blue and yellow so we had a race I went on the the blue one and he went on the yellow one and guess who one… ME YAY!!!! Then we went on everything that we had already been on building up for the big slide that we was saving for last. It was time for the big one, that my brother was looking forward to it was called King Cobra. King Cobra was another raft ride but this one was that you go down really fast at the beginning and as you get to the end there basically is a vertical drop and then you go flying up and back down until it slows down.  So in the queue I’m nearly peeing my pants I’m so scared! As we got closer and closer I got more scared. It was our turn I had to sit at the front AHHH! Going down I was like it’s actually ok until it was the drop I was screaming so much I nearly flew off the raft. After the ride we went back to the hotel got showers and went down for tea. That night, I had a little bit of pizza (that wasn’t that nice but it had to) I also had some bread ans butter. After tea, we played some more snooker and I played on the swings and that was It for that day.

Day 5:

Today, we didn’t really do that much as always we went down for breakfast and again I had some butter and jam on some baguette and that was it for breakfast. We decided to a have chill out day at the pool today. So we all went and got some sun beds and just sat by the pool. At about 11:30,  I went a got a drink and a snack from the bar. Then before lunch for half an hour I went in the pool. Then at lunch, I had another cheese sandwich and some chips. After lunch, I went swimming for about 2 hours and then me, my mum and my brother went for a walk. Guess where we ended up again… the ice cream shop! That time I didn’t get an ice scream I got a giant Nutella crepe that was topped with cookie pieces. YUM! So then we walked back to the hotel and got ready for tea. For tea, I had another cheese sandwich. That night my and my brother played on the swings then we all played bingo and then headed off to bed.

Day 6:

Today, we woke up get dressed and went straight down for breakfast. For breakfast, I had some baguette with butter and jam again. Today was a beach day. So after breakfast, we went upstairs and got our beach bag ready and then headed off to the beach. After walking for a little bit, we finally arrived at the beach so we got some sun beds put some sun scream on. When I was sat on my bed I could see people looking at something so me and my mum decided to go and have a look… there was a Kingfisher just sat on a stone and of the water. Me and my mum, played a bit of bat and ball. At about noon I was getting a bit thirsty so my and my brother went to the shop across the road and bought a drink each he got some coke and I got some peach tea. When we got back from the shop, we were deciding what we wanted to eat for lunch me and my brother wanted McDonald’s so my mum said we could get it ,if we wanted and her and my stepdad would have a sandwich. So me, my mum and my brother went to get our McDonald’s we both got a burger and fries to share that was really nice. After lunch, I went for a little swim in the sea my brother came in for about 5 minuets but then he left so I played by myself. When I got out of the sea it was time to lave the beach and go back to the hotel but we couldn’t go without an ice cream so this time I got a kitkat flavoured one. Back at the hotel, it was nearly time for tea so we all got showered and dressed. For tea, I had some bread and chips. Then after tea, we played a couple games of snooker and bingo and then off to bed.

Day 7:

Today, was the day we were going home so as we usual we got up and got dressed ready for breakfast. For breakfast again today, I had some baguette with butter an jam. After breakfast, we went to out room and made sure we had all our things ready for the airport. We had a few hours to spare before leaving the hotel so we played cards in the reception area. At 11:00, the receptionist called the taxi and we went to the airport. At the airport, we checked in, which took a while due to a broken belt. Eventually, we went through to the lounge and waited for our flight. In the airport, I bought a subway sandwich to eat on the plane. It was time to board the plane therefore, we used the back stairs as we were sat at the back of the plane. the hostess’ talked us through the security procedures and then we were ready to take off. Once in the air, I was very hungry so I ate my subway sandwich and it was delicious. I also had a little nap and when I woke up it was time to land. As we landed, I was sad to leave Majorca but happy to be home. When I got off the plane it was freezing so we ran to the bus and collected our luggage. We then got another bus to collect our car from the car park and went home.


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