My holiday to Tenerife

Over the holidays I went to Tenerife for the first time ever in my life. I went there with my dad and my sister. It was a 4 hours and 45 minute flight. Then when we got to Tenerife we went to check into our hotel: it was called Playaolid and it was a 3 star but I think it deserves 4 stars. The food was amazing by the way, the steak was the exactly how I like it. The room had everything that we needed. Except that the internet wasn’t great and the router was broken but we could still use our kindle. We even had a pool outside of our room(it was open to every guest in the hotel)it was freezing although outside of the pool it was warm.

On Monday we got a shower, got dressed, had breakfast(I had crepes and fried egg) and went to a welcome meeting. We then got a submarine trip and a water park booked, the waterpark was the number one trip adviser rated place in the world. After that we stayed at the hotel and just chilled out by the pool till quarter to seven. Then we ate tea and went back to our hotel room.

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On Tuesday same morning except from the welcome meeting. Because it was Keira’s birthday, we went to the beach and Keira got a new donut inflatable that we played with in the sea. I collected a lot of beautiful shells and pottery. I had to go through a little pain(it was like stepping on lego) to get them but it was worth it. After that we went back to the hotel, ate some food, watched the emoji movie at the room and went to sleep.


Wednesday we woke up got ready with our swimming costumes on underneath. We then got on the bus for siam park and when we got there we got a locker and went into the freezing cold water. Going to the Mia Thia River we we’re looking around at the othe rides. We got in  a dinghy and went round. I then went round another time and went in the line to go and see the sharks in the shark tank. At six we made are way to the exit to get on the bus, it was a nightmare trying to get on one. But we eventually we got on one back to the hotel and same evening as usual but this time we stayed to watch the entertainment and then, went to the room and went to bed.


The Water Kingdom. #1 place in the world.

On Thursday we got up really early, had breakfast and went to the Bahia Princess hotel to wait for our bus for the submarine trip. It was a two hour drive there so I went to sleep. When we got there we got a drink of Pepsi and waited for a bit then we got on the submarine. We saw a lot of silver fish, long white and black fish and we also saw two manta rays. After, we got off the submarine, got on the bus and went back to the hotel.

Friday, we went back to Siam park for the whole day until six o’ clock and got back after walking a million miles to a bus stop. We then just stayed at the pool until seven. That night I tried sushi for the first time and I did not like it.

I forgot what I did on Saturday. Sunday we were going home so we just stayed by the pool. Then  we had our last meal there and got on the bus to the airport. We got on the plane back and we drove home and went to bed.

That was my week in Tenerife and it was life-changing experience.


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  1. Great article Tiannie! I can tell you really enjoyed it.

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