My time at Blue Dolphin

On Monday I went to Blue Dolphin with my mum, my dad, myy sister Aimee, my nana and granddad. It took 2 hours to get from Keighley to Leeds, then from Leeds to Scarborough. When we arrived at Scarborough train station, we got a taxi to Blue Dolphin Caravan site. When we got to Blue Dolphin, we got the keys to both of the caravans and set of from reception to the caravans. When we arrived to the caravans, we noticed that we were right next to each other. I was in the caravan with my nana and my granddad. Oliver was in the caravan with my sister Aimee, my mum and my dad. So we unpacked and watched TV. A while later we met to go into the arcade and have tea after we were in the arcade. We went into galaxy to watch Fun Stars Go Live. When it was on, me and Oliver went into the ginormous arcade and spent money.  We had something to eat and went back to the beautiful, comfy caravan.



The following morning we made flags for the seaside squad pantomime, Aladdin. I designed on my flag Bradley Bear and Anxious the Elephant. An hour later, we settled in our seats to get ready for the seaside squad pantomime Aladdin. The characters names are Bradley Bear (Abanazor), Anxious (Princess Jasmine), Polly and Ned (The Police), Rory The Tiger (Aladdin), and Greedy (The Genie). The pantomime was amazing!!!!!!Extrodinary!!!!!!!!!!! As a family we had a group picture with all the characters. This  was a happy time.

We went to Greedy’s Tin Pot Band for my younger sister Aimee, and my twin brother Oliver. We used tin pots and as funny as it was Greedy hit one of the fun star’s on the head with the maracas.  I watched Oliver audition for the Musi Kids, which he was successful at getting in. Oliver had to sing with a group of other children which was really good. At 6pm we went too go tots in the Galaxy bar. I sat and watched my younger sister Aimee dance. I then played prize bingo and I was close to winning. At 8pm we went to see Go Live. This is about when blue and yellow go head to head. The blues are if your age is an even number and yellow is if your age is an odd number. The people that are in the crowd they get picked for doing some challenges.  This is a lot of fun where everybody joins in.

It was a warm but wet day, we went into the complex to experimental. We learnt about air, and how when you  blow something with your breath how it travels into a plastic sheet. Minutes after, we went to the arcade and played in there for a while. Oliver went to  practise for the MusiKids ready for his performance on stage at night. I went to the arcade with my Dad and my younger sister Aimee. I went to watch him in the performance of MusiKids. I was so proud of Oliver becausae he went on stage and made us chuckle because he got a pan on his head and it fell of his head. It was the end of the night. We went to the chippy to get our supper. We went back to the caravan to have a early night because  we was going home tomorrow.


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