Nature Poem By Martha Davies

The Beauty of Nature

By Martha Davies

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   Animals graze in the lush green meadows,

Creatures lurk stealthily in the shadows.

The horses’ hooves plod on the dusty tracks,

Whilst the rider is seated on its Stallions back.

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Cherry blossom trees bloom in the spring sunlight,

Whilst wide-eyed owls hide up in the treetops in the night,

The scent of woodland leaves fills the air in all seasons from spring to autumn,

And up in the sky, there are soft silky clouds made of cotton.  

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Flower buds sprout out of the earth,

New life fills the surroundings and animals give birth 

The parents roam around stealthy as they are hunting,

The young ones moan waiting for their supper and eagerly grunting.

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About the Author

Martha Davies
Hello everybody my name is Martha D I am 10 years of age and love Fab Mag! My Best friend at Fab Mag is Thomas and Afsana ! Anyways hope you enjoy my articles, oh and also check out a story series named the Ghost Awakens! Bye!

7 Comments on "Nature Poem By Martha Davies"

  1. A lovely poem Martha. Thank you! 🙂

  2. You have chosen some great verbs and adverbs in that poem Martha!

  3. I really liked the poems and the words that you put in them are really good.

  4. good aerticle

  5. Alysia Garnett | Jun 11, 2018 at 1:59 pm | Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this well done.

  6. Good poem Martha Davies your articles are really good at Fabmag

  7. Good article, Martha Davies I enjoyed reading all your articles so far in FAB MAG

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