Nature’s words


The hills are above my shoulders,

The land is beneath my ankles,

The sea is in front of my eyes,

The sky looks down at me and has a surprise,

The flowers as I spin around are falling of there leaves,

To the sky I am a bird looking over the sea,

The clouds look at me blushing with there fluffy personality,

As I the one who loves the sun watches the clouds take it away,

As my excitement fades away I look inside the cottage by the sea,

And to my surprise I see my whole family,

The fire was roaring as we roasted marshmallows

while the smell of wood fills our hearts with love.





12 Comments on "Nature’s words"

  1. A beautiful piece of writing Molly. You have created some wonderful images.

  2. J McGuinness | Apr 26, 2018 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Wonderful writing Molly!

  3. It gives me an amazing image.

  4. Great poem molly that is really good.

  5. Great poem Molly

  6. Very good Molly I loved the poems

  7. Well done Molly great poem

  8. Jasmine petrozzi | Jun 11, 2018 at 2:11 pm | Reply

    I really like your article. I like how you have rhymed some lines and some you haven’t.

  9. I like the theme of our hearts, It also made me think of the promise

  10. I really like your poem Molly.

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