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Wreck it Ralph 2:


As we all may know, in Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope met Ralph in a game named Sugar Rush – a candy related game where you compete in races. In the past there is known to be of a man named Turbo ; he used to be in a racing game like Sugar Rush however after a long period of time nobody played it so he decided to swap into a new game. This lead to both games being shut down. Although you would think that Turbo would have been dead by now, on the other hand he has evacuated to Sugar Rush and tried to eliminate both the game and Vanellope.

Wreck it Ralph 2 is a new and improved cartoon kids movie that is carry on from Wreck it Ralph. I appreciate that John C. Rielly ( Ralph ), Sarah Silverman ( Vanellope ) and many other cast members for spending their time making this incredible film. This movie is also known as Ralph breaks the internet. This movie is going to be released on the 21st November 2018. I personally rate this movie 4 out of  5 stars due to the fact that it includes humour and is a family film!

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In this movie Ralph and his friend Vanellope Von Schweetz ( a young girl who is born with a small issue – she is able to teleport from place to place or ‘glitches’ ) go to a different world named the internet trying to find an unknown object to fix a video game. Along the way, they meet Disney princesses, Google and even a toddlers game where you have to feed the pancakes to the bunny and the milkshakes to the pale blue cat.

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Black Panther:

Unlike Wreck it Ralph 2 I have watched this movie. In my opinion, this movie should definitely be 5 out of 5 stars! Black Panther is all about this mystifying world that is hidden in Africa – T’Challa arrives back home after his fathers unfortunate death to take his rightful place as king however Wakanda has also competed to take place on the throne. T’Challa must release the Black Panthers powers to bring safety to his people and keep this world and technology hidden.

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This extrodinary movie was released on February 12th 2018. It feautures Chadwick Boseman ( Black Panther ), Micheal B. Jordan ( Erik Killmonger ), Lupita Nyong’o ( Nakia ) and many more. This film is also related to Avengers Infinity War and Thor since it is also part of Marvel.

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Tomb raider:

Tomb raider is a magnificent movie remade from a popular video game. This movie is all about an ordinary girl named Lara Croft. Many years ago her dad had disappeared or ‘died’. When Lara became old enough to find a job, her aunt signed her up to buy her fathers house. She embarks on some of her fathers research and travels to a mysterious island only to find the tomb of an unknown woman.

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We thank Alicia Vikander ( Lara Croft ) and Daniel Wu ( Lu Ren ) for producing this wonderous film. I suggest that everyone reading this should definitley watch this movie although this movie is rated at a 12.

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