New Year Poem

New year, a new beginning,

Every year, we set a task.

We have things to be worried about, and things to look back on.

Yet we have fun, and things to look forward too.

Everyone sets a target, a personal target for the year,

Aim for their goals, aim for belief.

Really all we need, is to show what lies beneath.

     What’s it about?

New Year is a time when people celebrate. Every 31st December, when it turns midnight, people celebrate by setting of fireworks and having parties with friends. Many people make a New Years resolution which they try and keep to throughout the year.


6 Comments on "New Year Poem"

  1. Alessia and Faizan | Jan 22, 2019 at 9:11 am | Reply

    When I read this poem it makes me feel happier for New Years Eve

  2. I love New Year. I always go to see the fireworks.

  3. This was so sweet. You used a lot of enthusiastic words

  4. This was very good Millie

  5. This is really good Millie! I think you used such fantastic words.

  6. Aarzoo Hussain | Feb 1, 2019 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I was sleeping.
    It is so good. I love the different words you put in there.

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