New Year’s Traditions

When it is time for the new year, there are a few traditions that people follow, like:

1. People celebrate New Year’s day with the custom of eating twelve grapes, each eaten at a clock-stroke midnight.

2. Some people may make a New Year’s resolution and that is when you make a kind of promise, that you need to keep for the whole year.

3. People believe that the first guest for the year would bring fortune for them.

4. It is traditional to stay up and see the old year out.its exit is usually noisy.All over Britain there are parties, fireworks, singing and dancing, to ring out the old year and to ring in the new.

5. As the clock (Big Ben) strikes midnight, people all over the UK cross their arms, across their chest and link arms with everyone close by.They sing a song called ‘Auld Lang Syne’ reminding them of old and new friends.

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