North Korea vs America!

If you read the news, you will know what I am talking about.

In my opinion, North Korea has a (crazy) leader called Kim Jong-Uh.

Yes what a bizarre name. Also there is Donald Trump from USA. Yes also a bizarre name. Kim Jong-uh loves throwing NUKES! His country had an “earthquake”. No it actually was Kim Jong-Uh testing a nuke. Crazy right? He also called Donald Trump an unauthorised gangster. But they are both as bad as each other. Donald Trump has tried to ban Muslims from certain countries and Mexicans entering the USA illegally.  (I’m a Muslim) and he is very annoying.

Kim Jong-Uh probably has 3 children. I said probably because we don’t get a lot of news from North Korea. One might be a boy and the other two might be girls. His wife is called Ri Sol-ju or Lee Seol-ju. He has threatened to use nuclear weapons against USA! Do you know why? Neither do I.

But Donald Trump is trying to build a wall across Mexico, so he’s is stopping Mexicans from going into America. On the one hand,he isn’t as crazy as Kim Jong-Uh but on the other hand he is still absolutely crazy!

So that is my article about North Korea vs America. My name is Kamran. And now I’m signing off. Peace Out, amazing viewers!

















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