Our Lady Of Victories School !!!

Our Lady Of Victories School is  amazing and a fun school to learn. I am very happy I got a place at the school. The teacher’s give the children 100% of there time. I learn a lot of different things during school hours. I made a lot of friends in the school. I am now in year four and learn a lot.  I enjoy learning. I also have a job which involves some duties to make sure the children don’t run in the corridors at lunch times, which I love that gives me a responsibility to make the school safe. I love this job.

There are fantastic trips organised by the school which gives the child fantastic opportunity in life before they get older. As I have an older brother in the school in year six and hes just visited Paris which he had a fabulous time  and really enjoyed it. The teacher’s are amazing they like to give children ahead start in life. I just like to say a big thank you to Mr Devlin, Mr Booth and the teachers you are wonderful at your jobs and doing a great job with the children which I am very proud to be a pupil at the school.  Any child who enters Our Lady Of Victories School will have the most enjoyable time though out the whole process.

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