Pancake day! 5 facts about pancake day.

1.Pancake day\Shrove Tuesday is the Christian festival to mark the start of Lent, what is Lent? Lent is a six week period where Christians practise abstinence by giving up unnecessary items. Lent ends on Maundy Thursday, a day before Good Friday.

2.Traditionly, on Shrove Tuesday, we eat pancakes, that’s because it was are last chance to eat rich foods before Lent, and a good opportunity to use up all of the luxury foods [such as fat, butter and eggs, which British people use to make their pancakes] which might go of during Lent.

3.Although pancake day falls on Tuesday, the exact day of pancake day changes from year to year. It is always 47 days before Easter Sunday, and this means it is possible that Pancake day can be on any day between 3rd February or 9th March.

4.A fact. Shrove Tuesday is a festival for Christians all over the world, but they don’t call it Pancake day in all countries.

. In the UK, Ireland and Australia, they call it Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day or Pancake Tuesday.

. In France and French-speaking and Catholic communities of the United States, they refer Shrove Tuesday as Mardi Gras [ Fat Tuesday]

. In Iceland people celebrate Sprengidagur [ The Day of Bursting]

.In Greece it’s called Apocreas [ from the meat] as many Greek Christians give up meat during Lent.

5.  [ Not really about Pancake Day but a fun fact!] The largest pancake ever made measured 15 metres and weighed in at 3 tonnes- you’ll need a lot of sugar and lemon for that one!

On pancake day, if its school, I have pancakes in the morning, but if its the weekend I have pancakes for morning and night! I love pancake day, a great excuse to have pancakes for every meal.  Don’t know anyone who doesn’t like pancake day/ Shrove Tuesday/ pancake Tuesday. You can never have too much pancakes!

YUM! Delicious!

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  1. Great facts Sajidur.

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