Peter Pan’s Panto

By Emma

On the 7th of October 2014, Our Lady of Victories Primary school had a really big treat. They had the opportunity to attend a pantomime. The pantomime they got to attend was Peter Pan.

As the children proceeded merrily to the school hall, they were apprehensive at the thought of watching Peter Pan’s Pantomime.

As the pantomime started, the atmosphere in the room was really high. Everyone was exited to see Peter Pan as a pantomime.

During the panto, the characters sang and danced and the children loved it. When the scenery/set needed to be changed, the crew went behind it and moved it around. It was fantastic how they did it. In the panto, Peter needed to know where Captain Hook was. So he asked one of the children to come up on stage and tell him where he was.

Peter Pan is a Pirate Pantomime. There is a naughty silly pirate called Captain Hook and he wants to  get his hands on Peter. There ‘s also an attractive young girl named Wendy. She doesn’t want to grow up, so Peter wisks her away Neverland, a place where you never grow up. It starts well but ends sad, because Wendy  wants to leave Peter and Neverland and just go back home.

One of the children who watched it said, “It was really superb!!!”

At the end, the children strolled cheerfully back to their classes in Our Lady of  Victories Primary school.

All the children and teachers from Our Lady of Victories Primary school are looking forward to the next pantomime!!

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Emma D
I love writing, reading and drawing. The thing I like about being part of Fab Mag is that I can report about things and see how other people's imaginations work. I love FabMag!!!

8 Comments on "Peter Pan’s Panto"

  1. It was a great pantomine and what a super report you wrote Emma – well done!

  2. Mr Waddington | Nov 21, 2014 at 12:33 pm | Reply

    Emma this is great. I t really made me feel as though I was there and your words helped me see a picture which is really hard to do sometimes. It’s really important to get quotes and observations from other people and I specially like the “It was really superb!!!” quote.

    As always, if you can get a picture to go with the story that would be the cherry on the top,

  3. A super recount. Well done!

  4. Love your article Emma

  5. Both of them Emma!

  6. This looks soooooo good now that you have added the picture emma

  7. Wow

  8. Martha Davies | Mar 10, 2017 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    So lucky I wish our school could go to a panto!

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