Old Poems: Ring-a-Ring a roses a pocket full of poses a- tissue a tissue we all fall down. Down at the bottom of the deep blue sea catching fishes for my tea a-one two three.

New Poems: A little boy was holding his toy, he was scared of dark ¬†and then he heard a dog bark, the boy stayed in bed and couldn’t be fed. The boy was lonely and didn’t go down the stair case or else he’ll be eaten.

Old Poems: Hey diddle, diddle the cat had a fiddle the cow jumped over the moon the little boy laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon.

New Poems: An old man who had to ban sweets from children and he only had it for himself and that’s what I call selfish. He had no children but had a wife. One ordinary day he he did something and that was to KILL his wife. Anyway he died himself.

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