PowerWoman Part 2







Gabrielle lay on the floor, completely still.  Marie smirked as she saw the poor girl with her eyes shut tight. She went straight downstairs where the girls were busy playing. They suddenly came to a halt when they heard the silence. Lilly and Marigold huddled together, whilst Daisy stood in front of them protectively.

‘We have to be brave…’ Daisy whispered urgently.

‘Do you think?’ Marie sneered, appearing at the doorway. The girls quickly turned their eyes to her.

‘I don’t think there is any point to be brave. Oh,  you poor, helpless things! You really don’t have a chance!’ Marie carried on.

‘You don’t have a heart!’ Daisy hissed.

‘No mother, no father, no sister…’ Marie sneered.

Tears came to Daisy’s eyes as she said ‘no mother’. Marigold, realizing her sister wasn’t going to see anything, replied to Marie’s deliberate comment.

‘We do have a father and a sister.’Marigold snarled.

‘I killed your stupid father.                                And your darling Gabrielle died of eavesdropping.’

‘Is that so?’Gabrielle said curtly. She stood right behind Marie, who had now turned pale as chalk.

‘You will die.’ Marie hissed finally.

‘Your body will be here, left to rot forever.’Gabrielle hissed back.

‘Not until your’s does!’

‘Then let us fight to justice!’ Gabrielle said determinedly.

And with one hand, she slammed Marie against the sofa. Marie got up with a heavy nosebleed and charged towards Gabrielle.

Gabrielle hopped to the left just in time, and Marie banged hard against the table. She lay there on the floor, her body covered in blood.

‘Truth wins in the end…’ Gabrielle whispered. ‘Come on girls.’

She held out her hands and lifted Lilly onto her shoulders, Grabbing her rucksack, she answered Daisy’s questions.

‘Has Dad really died?’

‘He has been lay down to rest in peace.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘I don’t know…’ Gabrielle trailed off.

They stepped into the darkness of the night…

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  1. Really intriguing

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