Princess Lava chapter 1+2

Chapter one

The Johnsons

In the world was  little country, in the country was a little city, in the city was  little street and in that street was a massive house. The Johnsons lived in that massive house. Mr and Mrs Johnson and their little daughter, Lorna Johnson. The massive house was practically a mansion, but even though the Johnsons took most of the space, there was a small girl, about 11 years old, tall and skinny, she had very messy, dark hair and blue eyes. Lorna on the other hand, had spotless blonde hair and brown eyes like her mother and father. The skinny 11 year old was Gemma. She didn’t have a clue what her surname was because she had been told that she didn’t belong in the Johnson family and so Mrs Johnson said that she had already made ready a random name: Snipp. Snipp was the surname of Mrs Johnson’s favorite character, Salzar Snipp. Gemma couldn’t change her name because her school was fully informed that her name was Gemma Snipp, Gemma felt lonely in school because she had no real friends. Soon was Lorna’s birthday and on her birthday there was bound be fights.

Chapter 2

Planning a trip

There was a familiar banging noise coming down the stairs. Ah yes, it was Lorna. It was the chubby, selfish girl’s birthday. Gemma’s “bedroom” was beneath the stairs so dust was falling from the ceiling because of Lorna’s heavy stomping.

” Wake up cousin! It’s my birthday! ” shouted Lorna. Gemma put on her old and tattered bobble to tie her tangled dark hair. There was some thing very odd about her hair. It was too dark to be brown and too dark to be black, it looked more like a deep purple.

” Serve the bacon and try not to burn anything! ” Aunt Macmilla whispered sharply.

” Yes Aunt Macmilla .” Gemma answered.

” Get my tea you lazy lump of nothing! ” Uncle Graham shouted.

“Yes Uncle Graham. ” Answered Gemma.

“Come on my little Lornie Lu Lu! I want everything to be perfect on my Lorna’s special day!” said Aunt Macmila closing Lorna’s eyes. She guided her to the massive pile of presents piled high on the red carpet. Aunt Macmilla finally opened Lorna’s eyes because she was started to fidget. Lorna’s tiny eyes carefully examined the pile of presents.

“How many are there? ” she said.

” 48! Counted them myself! ” said Uncle Graham. Lorna’s face got ready to burst.

” 48? 48? Last time I had 49!” shouted Lorna.

“Yes, yes. Well we’re going to the snake house, pet. We’ll buy you two new presents! How’s that sweetie? ” said Aunt Macmilla .

 Lorna smiled the teeniest fraction .

” Where’s my cake? I said I wanted a massive cake with 10 layers and icing on the top and bottom and a snake curling round it with mini statue of me and my snake in Princess costumes and snake ribbon on the bottom layer!” Lorna burst out. (snakes were her favorite animal) .

“We have all that at the Snake House darling!” said Aunt Macmilla half smiling and half frowning. Gemma could call Lorna a thousand hundred names. Lorna pushed Gemma out of the way to sit down and eat her bacon and egg. Gemma would have loved to use her back even harder but Lorna was at least 3 times as big as her .

“Is she coming? ” asked Lorna while giving a nasty look to Gemma. Aunt Macmilla dropped all the torn wrapping paper that she was cleaning up. She looked at Gemma then at Uncle Graham.

” Lorna is right. What are we going to do with her?” she said.

” Pile her up with all that rubbish! Oh I don’t know.” said Uncle Graham thinking he was so sarcastic.

” Send her down to Bob’s. You know, the trash worker.” said Lorna.

” No, No, No. Bob can’t stand a minute with this rat.” said Uncle Graham harshly. Gemma once went for dinner at Bob’s house. Gemma liked Bob because he was very funny and she was sure that Bob liked her too. But Bob was a bin man so he smelled quite a lot once he got back from work.

“I’m afraid we’ll just have to take her with us! ” sighed Aunt Macmilla.

” But she’ll ruin everything! ” Lorna pretended to cry. She knew that her mum would get her anything if she pretended to cry.

” Just this time pet. ” said Aunt Macmilla. Lorna continued to whimper and whine. However, her mum ignored her for the very first time and walked fast into the kitchen. She brought back a pile of toys for Lorna while they were going.

” Why does she need all that? ” Gemma asked.

” None of your business, rat! ” Answered Aunt Macmilla

Lorna was writing a massive list and it was looking pretty long. This is going to be a hard day, thought Gemma.

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