Pulse radio is the place to be!

Well, Year 6 from Our Lady of Victories Keighley went to Pulse Radio Station. Their wonderful studio amazed us, as it was very complicated. We talked to the broadcasters about what made the best radio station. They said it had to be very unique and clear. We also got to experience a live show!

It was time for the hard part, we split into two groups and planned to make our own radio broadcast. After we had done all that we got a great applause from the team. Here is what out teacher, Mr Booth thought of it.”What an amazing experience for our children.  They have produced a fantastic radio programme that we can publish on our website!  I am really proud of all the children and the massive effort they have put into today.”

After today,OLV have experienced a radio station other than their own.

5 Comments on "Pulse radio is the place to be!"

  1. I heard the radio broadcast on the school website

  2. I’ve never heard of it!!!

  3. Miss Matusiak | Apr 16, 2015 at 9:28 am | Reply

    Very good story boys, the reader can tell that you had a great time and were very excited. I like how you put Mr. Booth’s input. Keep it up!

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