Race To The Christmas Tree

Clawing my way up the Christmas tree,

My furry face filled with glee!

I’ll be the star this year,

I quickly glance around, the coast is clear…


I continue my quest for the top,

Until I hear a sudden hop!

Carrots the rabbit is here,

Oh dear!


I quickly climb up the Christmas tree,

My face with no more delighted glee!

Carrots wants to race,

Bring it on, mate!


Her hopping skills are put to the test,

But my climbing is the best!

Suddenly, my paw slips on a bauble,

And the Christmas tree takes a fall!

Uh oh..


Me and Carrots tumble to the ground,

All the ornaments clang and pound!

Feet run down the stairs,

Carrots gives me a quick glare! (How rude!)


Now it’s all my fault!

My competitive race has been stopped to a halt!

I saunter off with a pouty face,

And bury my face in the blanket of lace.


Once my owners put up the tree,

They go upstairs to go to sleep,

Now I want to climb Carrots’ hutch!

I don’t want to get in trouble, so wish me luck!

¬†Merry Christmas everyone! Remember, Christmas is about spending time with your family and Jesus’ birth, it’s not about cats and rabbits climbing up the tree. Have an AWESOME Christmas, and I’ll see you in my next article, bye!

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Afsana Suhana
Hi, I'm Afsana and I used to write for FabMag. Just remember to keep reading and don't stop doing what you love!

17 Comments on "Race To The Christmas Tree"

  1. Loved it! But next time try to make it a bit more clear or give some more hints that the main character is a cat. But over all great article! See you all after Christmas!

  2. J McGuinness | Dec 18, 2017 at 6:41 pm | Reply

    I love this! I like the message at the end too. Well done Afsana.

  3. Super Afsana! Clever use of a metaphor here!

  4. i loved this poem great metaphor and it puts a picture in my head also i like the rhyming and the humour

  5. Good poem Afsana.

  6. WOW! afsana that was a great poem, you must of spent aot of time on that peoem.

  7. this is the best poem i’ve ever seen

  8. Mrs. Hargreaves | Dec 19, 2017 at 11:42 am | Reply

    What a lovely poem and I particularly like the sentiment at the end.

  9. Your poem was great I loved it! But I agree with Olivia, It was a little unclear that the main character was a cat.

  10. I really like this poem! i think you should be an author when you grow up because your a really good writer and i think your fab!

  11. Another well written article Afsana and a very inspirational message at the end too!

  12. I love this poem. I liked the bit where the rabbit glanced at the cat. WELL DONE!:)

  13. i love this!The message at the end is great well done Afsana.

  14. i loved your poem I really like how you’ve used the metaphors well done.

  15. That is great and you are good at rhyming.

  16. well done Afsana great poem!!!!!

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