Why do people celebrate Ramadan?

People celebrate Ramadan because they want to be closer to Allah and that they are grateful for all they have.This is why they fast and send money to the poor.

Who celebrates Ramadan?

Muslims celebrate Ramadan.They believe and follow Islam which means ‘peace’.They love the Prophet Muhammad and also follow everything he does.image

When is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the year.To celebrate the end of Ramadan is Little Eid (Eid Ul Fitr,as we might call it).No one is allowed to be sad or fast on Eid.

Why is Ramadan special?

Ramadan is special because this is when Allah sent the Angel to reveal the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.This is the story.

‘One night during Ramadan,when Muhammad was sitting all alone in a cave ,an angel appeared.The Angel told Muhammad replied’I am not a reader ‘.The Angel squeezed him and told him again to read.Muhammad said again ‘But I am not a reader’.The angel squeezed him harder .Then he released him and told him once more to read .Muhammad was squeezed a third time,even harder.This time when he released him,he said to him,’Read in the name of The Lord who created.’Muhammad repeated the words as if they were printed on his heart .’

In this way the Quran began to be revealed by Allah to the Prophet.


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