Review of the museum of Hartlepool!

In the Easter holidays I went to the museum of Hartlepool. The museum is about how many sailors in the Royal Navy lived and how they got on board the ship. In the Hartlepool museum you can go on HMS Trincomalee it has several different decks. On the top deckĀ  you can see all the masts and ring the bell and on the rest of the floors you are able to see what they ate, how they slept, where the captain lived and where they stored all the large ropes. There are also many activities you can do, you can hold objects, watch cannons being fired and make rope. Around the ship you can go into shops and look at stuffed animals that they would have encountered on the ship such as tarantulas and rats. There is also a activity centre where you can move the masts, load a ship, get into hammocks, build barrels , but best of all walk the plank. They also have a wonderful little cafe where they serve cake, soup, sandwiches and much more. I definitely recommend this to anyone because there is lots to enjoy and the welcoming and friendly staff make your visit one to remember.

It is definitely a good family outing with plenty of photo opportunities, so jump in the car and ride down the Hartlepool Museum.


Please note: there are many manikins!


I hope you go because I enjoyed it and it is a fun and interesting place. If you like history then this is the place to go.








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  1. This article was very good, it makes me want to go visit there someday.

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