Robins: Myths and Facts

The Robin is a sweet little bird with it’s distinctive redbreast. But did you know there are some weird myths about how this little bird got the iconic red markings?


Myth 1: When Jesus was crucified on the cross, the robin was a normal brown bird, until a few beads of blood from Jesus’ wounds dripped onto the breast of the Robin.

My Opinion: I thought this myth was very strange, as the blood of Jesus isn’t really part of the Robin’s genes, and if they were to breed, they would have normal brown young birds.     Did you know… Robins can fly up to a speed of 56 kmh (Kilometres per hour)! That’s fast!

Myth 2: The Wren stole fire from Heaven and went down to Earth but it was burning, so each bird donated 1 feather to the Wren so that it could replace the burnt feathers. The Robin was anxious and came too close to the Wren, and scalded its breast.

My Opinion: I don’t know what to say! There are a lot of weird myths, but I think this is one is the most weirdest.

Did you know… Robins sometimes like to eat raw pastry, coconuts, and fruitcake.

Myth 3: When Jesus was born, the Robin fanned Jesus in order to warm Him by the fire, but the Robin burnt itself on the fire.

My Opinion: I thought it was nice of the Robin to keep Jesus warm! I think I like this myth. It was also said that Mary told the Robin that the red markings would show a sign of bravery, because even though Robin was burnt by the fire, it didn’t stop it from looking after Jesus.         Did you know… The average weight of a Robin is around 16-22 grams! And, they are related to the thrush family, which means they are related to the blackbird and nightingale family.

Out of the three myths, the 3rd one is my favourite! What was yours? Anyway, this article was really  fun to make, and I’ll see you in my next article, bye!

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  1. I learned so many new facts about robins they are now officially my favorite animal. The myth I most enjoyed was the 3rd one too.

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