Safety online

Every Year a police officer comes to our school and talks about safety online. Today I am going to write about safety online. If you feel uncomfortable, tell a TRUSTED ADULT immediately if it is very bad. If it is serious you need to click CEOP. These are some people you could tell.

  • A trusted adult.
  • A police officer.
  • A parent.
  • A teacher or member of staff at your school.

A lot of people use technology so much that they forget what the sky looked like, they just stare at their phones all day long and that is boring. I am very hard to please so why not try something different like spend time with your family, go to a restaurant or a theme park, do something together. You might want to spend time with your grandparents. It might sound boring but they might have some fascinating stories, they might have been in the war or maybe make them a cup of tea.

It is okay to play some suitable games but maybe not all the time. I am very sorry if this news is sad but soon your friends might have some interesting stories about the places they went in the holidays and if all you can tell them is all you did was playing on your phone or the internet, well that might seem boring to them.

Special Fact

Did you know that the age to go to prison is 10, so behave yourselves

Thank you so much much for taking your time to read this I hope you have enjoyed it go do something fun with a family member.

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  1. J McGuinness | Jan 15, 2019 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    Great advice. Being safe online is really important.

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