SATs Preparations (Hints And tips)

Year 5 and 6 are probably the most important times of your Primary school life. As you may already know, SATs takes place in May and it is a very stressful time for Year 6. You have to do tests: arithmetic, GPS, reading, and reasoning. Here are some ways to be prepared for your SATs.

SATs Survival Guide

1. Early nights/bed routine – remember to have early nights and go to bed at a reasonable time because this really affects the way you act in the morning and could prevent you from working as hard as you should be.

2. Stop using electronics so much- electronics are amazing and -throughout the past few years- has really upgraded but to do extremely well on your SATs you must be strict with yourself and make sure you don’t play with them 24/7. Set yourself a low limit.

3. Happy and healthy- be cheery and have a good diet. Keep up with your 5 a day and get a little bit of fresh air. Be positive with all your work and learn from your mistakes, don’t sulk about them.

4. Revision- ensure that you revise at least once a day. This really helps and you will remember lots. Study the certain areas that you are not too keen on. Trust me, it really comes in handy but remember don’t overdo it!

5. Relax- as the weeks come closer, you will feel a huge amount of pressure on you but you need to remember to stay calm. Don’t revise for hours and hours, don’t panic and be relaxed.

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 How to do your best!

  • Listen carefully in lessons and if you don’t understand don’t be shy to say.
  • Try to get anything else ,worrying, off of your mind.
  • Behave in class so you will achieve your best.
  • Hand homework in on time -this also helps for your future and high school.
  • Although getting fresh air is really important, don’t stay outside too late.
  • Get into school on time as you obviously will need to on SATs week.
  • Have a good breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day; don’t ever go on an empty stomach.
  • Don’t rush any of your work spend time looking and understanding the questions.
  • Work on your handwriting, as you will definitely need to see what you’re writing and make sure other people can see what you are writing too.
  • Practise makes perfect! If you keep working hard and holding your head up high, you will do great in SATs and have nothing to worry about.


I hope this article has really helped you and if you are nervous about your SATs please remember there’s nothing to be nervous about,think of it as a normal test and just try your best. Don’t give up, be determined to succeed and work hard all year long. That, is how you will easily pass your SATs!

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