School in WWI ( 1914 and 1918 )

WWI (1914)

During World War One, school children would have sat at a long wooden bench with a fixed desk in front of them. If the school was large (which was rare in those days) boys would get taught separately to the girls. The boy’s education would have made them more intelligent as their lesson were better. The boys learned about things like reading, handwriting and arithmetic (mathematics). Yes, it may sound boring, but it actually made the boys very educational. Now, onto girls lessons, they had reading, dancing and mathematics. The girl’s education was not bad but it made them slightly less intelligent.

WWI (1918)

1918 school was more or less the same except from the head teachers gave the school more advice on better lessons for both genders. So for the boys, they added in football because some of the schools watched the clip of the soldiers playing. For the girls, they added in harvesting cabbages from their school garden which the majority of them liked.But once the war was over schools focused mainly on the War and how it began and how it ended.


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