St Josephs Play- Robin Hood!

Before the Play:

Very soon, St Joseph’s year 6 are going to perform a play- Robin Hood, about a man who steals from rich men and gives to the poor. In our play Robin Hood is played by: Oliver and Lewis and Robin Hood has a girlfriend called Marian who is played by: Holly and Briony.

Robin Hood will be performed on the 12th and 13th of July, in the school hall. If you are going, you will hear all of these songs: Our Story Begins, We Need You Now, Robin Hood Our Hero, Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do, Raise Your Swords, Take Me ‘Cross The Water, Sanctus Sanctus(The Chase), You’re In Great Danger, Let’s Go To The Fayre, Do The Rockin’ Robin and Our Story’s Told.

Personally I’m really excited about performing in the play and if you are going to see the play I will be playing Shelia of Sherwood and also a poor villager.

If you are going to see the play I hope you enjoy it!

After the Play:

On Monday we preformed to KS1 and KS2, Tuesday we performed to our parents and then finally on Wednesday we performed it to our parents again. I really enjoyed performing in the play because I just loved being Shelia of Sherwood.

I hope you enjoyed the play if you came and saw it!!!!


And it all went happily ever after…


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  1. Martha Davies | Sep 14, 2016 at 7:31 pm | Reply

    watched the play it was amazing

  2. my brother was in the play he was one of the mean people but over all it was really so was the article

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