St Patrick


St Patrick was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. He is the primary patron saint of Ireland, that is known as the ”Apostle of Ireland”. He is known all around the world in many places like, the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Lutheran Churches,  the Old Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church as equal-to-the-apostles and Enlightener of Ireland.

His life

 There is broad agreement that he was active as a missionary in Ireland during the fifth century, but the dates of Patrick’s life can not yet be confirmed. When he was about 16, he was caught and taken by Irish pirates to be a slave in Ireland, this was according to the autobiographical Confessio of Patrick. Looking after animals, he lived there six years before escaping and returning back to his family.


Later Life

 He returned to southern and western Ireland, after becoming a Cleric. Later in his life, he worked as a bishop, but not very much is known about the places where he worked.  By the seventh century, he had already become the patron saint of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on the 17 of March, the day people think he died. It is celebrated everywhere around the world especially in Ireland. In the dioceses of Ireland, it is both a solemnity and a holy day of obligation, It is also a celebration of Ireland itself.



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