During the half term holiday our family went to a city in Somerset called Bath. Whilst we were there, we visited a prehistoric site that is known as Stonehenge. It is one of the most mysterous and well known wonders of the world.



Here are eight facts about stonehenge that you should know:

1. Stonehenge was constructed over five thousand years ago using wood, stone and the strength many men.

2. The stone used to construct this henge was Bluestone (brought all the way from Wales) and Sarsen stone (from about 20 miles away from the site of the build).

3. It probably got there by men rolling logs underneath it and pushing it by force.

4. On mid summer’s day the sun shines above the Heel stone.

5. The Heel stone was thought to heal people if they were wounded,hurt or poorly.

The Heel stone

The Heel stone

6. The slaughter stone, because it’s now on its side, is thought to have been the site of many sacrifices to worship the sun god. It was actually stood upright and not on its side. There were three of the same stone in a row but no-one knows where the other two are now.


The Slaughter stone

The Slaughter stone

7. The Bluestone was thought by our great ancestors that it was special, because it is a slightly blue colour, and that it would heal you and you could worship the sun god through it; so people started to chip bits off it, using their stone tools, and keep it for themselves.

The blue stones are the little stone on the inside of the henge.

The blue stones are the little stone on the inside of the henge.

8. The henge was perhaps used for ceremonies, sacrifices and worships to the sun god.



We hope you try and visit this extra-ordinary, prehistoric henge.



By Emma and Thomas D.

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  1. You have taught me a lot there Emma. Thank you.

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