Strange animal behaviour!

Animals may seem normal and act normal, but do you know how fascinating (and scary) they can actually be?


  1. Snakes – Snakes are really fast they are great actors and actresses. They trick predators by playing dead. They can also set off rancid stench that will even fool the hungriest flies.
  2. Elephants – A sympathetic type of animal. Elephants will take leaves, dirt, and branches and cover other elephants after they die. It has also been observed that elephants will do the same for humans and other empathetic animals like dogs. Dusting helps elephants remove parasites from their skin. Elephants sleep about approximately four hours a night. About two hours of that are spent standing. During deep sleep, individuals lie on their sides, breathing noisily, and sometimes snoring.
  3. Lions – The king of the jungle may seem perfect but do you know how weird they are in reality? Male and females greet each other not with a handshake but with a rub, which sometimes becomes so vigorous that one gets knocked down in the process. The act is meant as a means of bonding, as lions leave scent markings on each other during the process, similar to how house cats rub up against their pet parents to demonstrate ownership (but hopefully, with less injury!).
  4. Dogs – Dogs, are said to predict earthquakes up to one week in advance. It is said that if your dog chases their tail often, then they could have conanal gland problems or flea allergy dermatitis.
  5. Hyenas – A hyena is a cunning creature. They fight baby lions just for their territory and sometimes even kill them. They are said to be rather clever.
  6. Jaguars – Jaguars aren’t very sociable animals. They like to stroll, live and hunt around alone. The name “jaguar” comes  from a Native American word yaguar, which means “he who kills with one leap.” What do you think this suggests?
  7. Pandas – Because of their low-energy diet, pandas avoid stressful situations and exertion, preferring shallow slopes and solitary living. They use scent markers to avoid one another. Giant pandas don’t roar like other bears, but bleat like goats, or  honk, growl and bark to communicate. Cubs whine and croak for attention.
  8. Octopuses – Such astounding behaviour from octupuses! Did you know they can make their own tools?  They also use coconuts as mobile hideouts. Octopuses also protect themselves by snuggling up in a tight space.

Animals all seem so innocent and silent but maybe actions do speak louder than words…


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