Summers poems

My Winter:

Snowflakes land upon the ground

Nights become days

People singing all around

The night changes in many different ways

But inside the houses the children play

The adults are planning there holidays

This is the way I see the Winter days


The Day before Christmas:

The Adults are still wrapping

All the children are laughing

The christmas movies are on T.V

The familys are sat around the table

And the cat is chasing the baubles

The fire is burning

And the cookies are waiting

The snowbells are ringing


My friends:

Your silly

Your wierd

Your lazy

Your crazy

Your always there for me when times get rough

Youll always be there when the going gets tough

But thats why your my friends





9 Comments on "Summers poems"

  1. I love the poems!

  2. These poems are absolutely amazing.Did you do them yourself?

  3. Wow!!! I love your poems, my favorites the my friend one because that’s how id describe my friends in a poem. Well done Summer!!!

  4. There great.

  5. Thank you for the great comments!

  6. This is a good piece of work Summer I enjoyed it very much. I wish there were more to read because I enjoyed it so much carry on writing good work for Fab Mag. Did you create these or look them up

  7. Love the poems. Friends can be like that but we all love them for who they are. I love Christmas.

  8. I like the idea of friends in a poem and the day before xmas.Did you write these yourself?

  9. J McGuinness | Jan 12, 2016 at 8:53 pm | Reply

    Wonderful poetry Summer!

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