The Avengers

The Avengers BIO:

Iron Man

Iron Man AKA Tony Stark was a man who used his money to make missiles for the army until on one of his showings he had his own missile shot at him.  After having been shot whith his own weapons  he was kidnapped  by terrorists. He found a another scientist wow helped him build a power suit to escape his captors.

Captain America

Captain America AKA Steve Rodgers was a scrawny boy from Brooklyn who wanted to join the army to fight in WW2.  Since he was so weak he chosen to be part of a operation to make him stronger. After the operation the army accepted him into the army.  In one of his missions he found a nazi leader called Red Scull who he fought and killed but he was frozen in ice.


Hulk AKA Bruce Banner. Bruce was a scientist who was working with gamma radiation but while testing someone let the radiation escape while someone was in there.  Bruce ran in and pushed his colleaegue out but Bruce was trapped in there with the  radiation which turned him into a monster.


Thor Oden son is a demi God wow can controle thunder with his hammer. Mulner which can only be held by someone who is worthy so that means other people can lift the hammer. Thor was troublesome in his youth so his father Oden set him to eath with no memory of his home world, Asgard.  When he was on Earth he was a doctor and lived a normal life so when Thor became worthy he regained all his previous memories.



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