The best trip ever

  • First, I woke up and went downstairs. I had breakfast I was so excited the day before I slept in my uniform; so that I wouldn’t be late for school! As soon as I got out of bed I was so excited I nearly broke the pottery that my sister had made. Then I put my shoes on and did my hair, I told my mum to do a French plait on my golden silky hair. My Mum rushed to her car along with me and she drove me to school. I got to  school at 8:45 and we set off with school at 9. I got to sit it the front seat in the minibus with my teachers. We all got to bring £5 spending money. When we got there it was like I was in another world! As soon as we got there we had a little tour around York and had lunch. We got to the chocolate story shop and bought different kinds of chocolate I bought white chocolate on a stick with some sweets! I went to the chocolate story and we got to see who the creaters of chocolate were. What’s your favourite chocolate?

Me and my classmates learnt that in the olden days the ancient mesoamericians thought money grew on trees because chocolate to them was money and chocolate is made from cacao beans which grows on trees! We got to try a chocolate, spicy, drink what the people in the olden days called chocolate. We got to make our own chocolate lolly I chose something that I personally don’t like (dark chocolate!) I decorated and left in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. we all went to the shop AGAIN! to buy something else I bought some stationary and a keyring for my dad. Sadly, after the most amazing day we had to go. This will always be part of my memories.



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  1. i love chcolate how much chcolate did you get i would get loads where did you go

  2. my favorite chocolate is cadbury chocolate and where you went sounds really fun.

  3. Alicja Domagala | Oct 17, 2017 at 12:18 pm | Reply


  4. Suhanna Naveed | Mar 24, 2018 at 3:35 pm | Reply

    We went to the Chocolate Story in York, it was an amazing experience!!!

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