The blood drinking vampire story and facts

One day there was a vampire that came from a grave  and he drinks blood his name is Dracula. And he hates the sun he comes in the dark only.If vampires don’t drink blood they die.Vampires have long teeth Vampires can transform in to a bat.Vampires hid and catch there pray.Vampires have sharp claws and hate people  because people try to kill  vampires. And when the vampire bites the people they turn into vampires.A  vampire went to a town he killed a woman and said i am coming for you ha ha ha! then a woman said don’t kill me then the vampire  bite her on her neck with his sharp teeth.Then the vampire when’t on a journey to find his daughter.Then the vampire when’t to his house and went to his room to pack his stuff for his journey and he set of.He went past people with  fire sticks and on the way  he had rests and he was  drinking blood then  out of  no were lots of people were in front of him and at the back then people seed there is no escape.Then the vampire went in to prison he seed let me out  i need to drink blood but then the people seed you can’t then the vampire went out of prison and killed every big people that was in his way then he set of again.He went into a prison and the vampire saved his daughter and went to his house and seed don’t ever leave me again and his daughter seed i won’t i love you dad.then a swarm of people went to the vampire house to kill him  and then the vampire got kill because he saved his daughter.Then the  vampires daughter ran away and was sad she went to a safe place and camped for days then won day the people killed the girl vampire .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                FACTS

The vampire always drinks blood with every bit of food he lets into his mouth. He always eats  food like spider and humans flesh.He hides in a secret wardrobe and jumps out and grabs people as they walk past him and rips them into little pieces.Vampires always have two sharp teeth on the two sides of his mouth. This vampire was once a human but he became a vampire after he died. In Romanian legend, you’ll need a seven year old boy and a white horse to find a vampire.

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