The Creepy Crawler! A Halloween Story.

Phoebe was born on Halloween. This morning was her 6th birthday and she was going trick or treating she was going to be Elsa! Phoebe jumped out of bed at 8:00 am and ran downstairs to open her cards and presents, the first present was a present from her mum a barbie house and dolls. “Thank you so much mummy for the barbie stuff!” She opened the card from her mum and out fell a £10 note! “WOW!” Then her other presents were open, she got clothes, more barbie things, sweets, a scooter and a girl football (as she likes football). She said thank you to everyone who everyone who gave her presents and cards.


Then her friends came over to her house all dressed up in princess costumes. So then they went out trick or treating! She was so excited she gave her friends and herself plastic pumpkins to collect the sweets in! They got to the final house, the one with the scariest decorations. so they walked in the drive way and knocked on the door when suddenly a huge spider came out of the bush and scared the girls. They ran home screaming “AHHH!” and the girls never went trick or treating again!


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  1. I can definitely feel the tense in this story. Well done !

  2. cool

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