The Cursed Well

As I ascended the 199 steps into Whitby abbey I inhaled the polluted mist. I was talking to my friend, [Archie], and I said ” I’m not scared” but inside I was petrified.

After about an hour,the whole class had something to eat, I had chips with tomato sauce.

When we went back to the ruins, I somehow blissfully drifted away from the rest of the class, In the distance I could hear Mr Palmer shouting ” Come on Year 5” Quickly I scrambled to my feet the fog was closing in so I had to run, run, run and run.

I looked at my watch 23:47pm,I had to get back before they left with out me. I could here the class chatting amongst themselves. I was very thirsty after sprinting through thick fog. I new I couldn’t make to the class so I went to get a drink I memorised were the well was just encase this situation actually happened and it had done so. As I ventured to the well I remembered Mr Devlin mentioned if you look  down at the well at the stroke of midnight and see your own reflection luck will come to  you so I thought it’s worth a try.

24:00pm looking closer in to the well I couldn’t see my reflection I could see a. NO.  It tried grabbing me in I wriggled away fighting for my life I was swinging my arms like mad trying to get away from it’s slimy hands.

Quickly remembering I had my torch with me faster than ever, I whipped it out of my back left pocket and shined it into the terrifying beasts face.

As soon as it hit its’ eyes it started to fade away the next morning I woke up in 5BP classroom never to set foot in Whitby abbey again.

By James




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