The day I learnt to fly!

Hi I’m Isabella but you can call me Bella as most people do. I like to do science and experiments because well it’s so fun, science is one of my favorite subjects at school. Did I mention that I’ve got a twin brother and sister? No? Well they are a little older than me but they are so annoying! They think I’m a dork and are always tormenting me. I want to show them that one day I’m going to be famous and they will be jealous of my talent. Then again how am I ever going to become famous?

On Tuesday after school I came home and ran upstairs after saying hello to my  parents. With excitement I  jumped up and landed softly on the bed. I was so happy to be home because I  could start a new experiment without siblings , no homework and even my parents wouldn’t be home they were all going across the street to a friend’s house. I just told them I could not go because of homework which was a lie. “We will be back in an hour,” shouted mum from downstairs. “OK,” I replied. Just after that they left. “Finally,” I said to myself. Little did I know what was going to happen.

So there I was in my room all alone just sat there trying to figure out what to make my experiment on. Usually I do it on something that I’ve found from a book or something that I learned at school. Today I felt I needed to make my own experiment  made from my bare hands (with a few ingredients from the kitchen.) I jogged  down to the kitchen and opened up the fridge I got some eggs and butter. Then I reached for the cupboard and got some yeast, salt, sugar and flour out of there. Next I got a couple of  liquids a cup of water and orange juice. Last but not least I bent down to get a bowl and jug out of the drawer.

Now that I had all the ingredients I was all set to make my very own mixture. First  I washed my hands then sat at the kitchen table where all her ingredients were waiting for her. I picked up the flour and added it to the bowl ,then the eggs (2) and then butter. After mixing them she added 5 ml of water into it by measuring it with the jug. When mixing and adding water the yeast was added in after the sugar and before the orange juice last of all the salt got in there. I  started to mix everything with bare hands and left it in the fridge to set.

As I  RINSED my  hands the doorbell rang. It was my parents and  brother John and sister Lizzy. “You’re  back already?” I said. I  was quite surprised how quick the time had gone. Well I  was having a lot of fun. “I’m starving” said Lizzy. “Me too,” replied John.”OK, then lets order pizza” announced dad. ” Thanks dad!” chorused John and Lizzy together. By the time the pizza came I was also starving and everybody was already  sat round the table.”I guess everybody’s also very hungry,” I thought to myself.

After two slices of pizza I started to read a book in the shade of an apple tree in the back garden. It was very hot outside so I decided to get myself a drink. Inside John and Lizzy were having some water and eventually asked me to play frisbee with them. “Fine” I said. We were all playing in the back garden and it was going just right until…

I jumped up to reach the frisbee it fell on the floor and I found myself floating in the air. Also I found my brother and sister gazing up at me. I was really excited but wondered what had caused this. Then I thought back of me rinsing my hands and eating the pizza I must of ate the mixture as well. Wow I made my own flying mixture maybe I could be a famous scientist one day.

I still haven’t told anyone how to fly. Sometimes when it’s dark I even go outside and float. Just to give the moon a little company.

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  1. Awesome!!

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