The Day of the unlucky boy meets Glitch

AAAAAH! what could go wrong today? (Everything) 

” Hi everyone. Steve talking. There’s a new student coming. Definitely won’t be anything like me!”

The next day… “Hh…hellooo iii…iam glitch bbu..t yooouuuu caaan.. callll me ffffrozen boy…” glitch stammered. Everyone clapped and sat back down. He sat next to me. “Hello” I said.

“Hello” he replied.

For the first time in forever, I wasn’t the unlucky one. “Are you alright? You seem pretty SHAKY”  I asked.

“I’m alright. I just get nervous when I speak to a big crowd of people” glitch whispered.

“Settle down, settle down! Now what are we doing today? Yes that’s right 17 arithmetic , 19 English, 345 reading tests.” Mr Fartibles exclaimed.

The whole class let out a big groan.


After ALL of the tests it was lunchtime! Yay! (not really)

“So what are you doin?” I asked him trying to be all cool.

“Ermm… eating?… In SILENCE” Glitch said. I sat down next to him and asked him, “Are you all right… Glitch?” I could see something was bugging him. “What’s wrong?” I asked him again.
“Fine, my mum and dad have recently split up…(yesterday) I cant cope because its never happened befo..ore.” I could here him stammering. “That’s alright… I’ve gone through worse. I nearly got executed by a cookie with a whipped cream beard!” Steve shouted.

Then Glitch stood up and shouted “Hey, everyone Steve said he nearly got executed by a cookie with a whipped cream beard!” “AAAAAHAAHAHAHA” everyone laughed out. Steve blushed and told glitch he wanted to have a word with him… To be continued…












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