The Day The Gems Went Missing

“Oh no!” I shouted. They’ve gone. They were different colours and were lustrous. There was only one person I could blame: Poppy. She was jealous when I brought them to school , ever-since she hasn’t spoken to me. Poppy (who is ten) has brown, long hair, dull, blue, eyes, a little nose and an evil, nasty smile. I couldn’t see the gems anywhere, I ¬†searched and searched until I had no more hope.

I tried to remember where I put them. Quickly, I rushed down the stairs. While I was running down the stairs, I took a quick glimpse at the window. Poppy, who was once my friend, was waiting outside with a bag. It looked like she had got something for me ; I dared not to go outside.

“Mum” I said, “Have you seen my gems?”

“No why ?” she said.

“Oh it doesn’t matter,” I nervously said.

Just then… I remembered I hadn’t checked in one place – the living room. I hoped that they were there. They¬†had to be there. If Poppy took them she would have given them back by now because I’ve known her for a long time. As soon as I walked through the door, I saw the gems sitting on the table. I was glad that they were found again because they were my lucky gems.

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