The Death Of Digby Dragon Part 1

On Friday the 13th of October, a baby boy was born, called Eric Diggleback. His mum’s dream since she was a little kid was to give birth to a baby boy. Eric was a very cute baby with ginger nut coloured hair. Weirdly, Eric was born with his four top front teeth. He also had really long hair when he was born and  he had already said his first word (Mum ). Eric was awarded with a Guinness World Record Holder, with the baby who says their first word the quickest. Two years later, Eric was diagnosed with autism and growing disorder, he had not grown since he was born. In the the hospital, his mum was very depressed, and was for the next two years until she finally got over the fact that her son was disabled. Six months later, Eric had started school at St. Phillip Primary. He had met a lot of new friends on the first day. His new friends were called Charlie, Henry and Bobby. They gave each other nicknames even though they were only two years old. Their nicknames were, ( Bobby ) Bobster Lobster, ( Charlie ) Charlie Warlie and ( Henry ) Henry Friendly. After he left nursery he went up to Reception, so did his mates. Guess what, Eric did not have a growing disorder any longer. He started to grow again. Eric had made another friend who came up from the afternoon nursery class.  She was called Elizabeth. Her nickname was Liz. She was not his girlfriend, just a really close friend. But unfortunately, Henry, Charlie and Bobby did not like Liz very much. In year two, Eric and Liz started to fancy each other a little bit. They always would hug each other and play together. His friends ( especially Bobby ) always says stuff like ” Oooo, when are you planning the wedding, eh?” But Eric just simply replied with a little laugh. He knew it was a joke.

                           ADULT LIFE

Now, Eric turned 17 years old today. He got a medium sized Cortana which he got from his karate club that he started two months earlier. He also got black and white ninja suits that he could use for his karate club because this week it was spar week. What Eric didn’t realise was that Friday 13th of October was the unlucky day. So he went to his karate club. It was spar day. Eric had to spar his girlfriend. Liz. She had been at karate since she was only 6 years of age. luckily Eric had defeated her but she had broke up with him because of anger. She also left the karate club because she was embarrassed. When Eric was watching the news he had heard that there was a dragon on the loose in Texas. Eric thought that this was a job for him. So he started packing to go on a vacation to Texas. He rushed to his taxi and left to go to the airport. When he finally arrived at the airport, he hurried past the crowd and into the place where you put your suitcase. He then checked in and went straight to the plane. When Eric found his seat on the plane he sat down and started to read his book. Eric had arrived at Texas. He jumped of the plane and hurried through the airport, got his bus to the city where he saw the dragon. Eric had brought his Cortana luckily. With his birthday money he bought a chainsaw for his joiner job. There in front of him stood Digby Dragon all fierce, all mighty, Eric almost fell over his own feet in fear. Digby breathed fire out of his nostrils and roared. Almost as if he was trying to say stay back… End of part 1

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