The digiverse!

The digital world is a great way to communicate with each other, find loads of answers to your searches and are able share loads of stuff that millions of people can see. The digital world has saved many peoples lives and now have the power to make robot limbs! We now don’t have to travel all the way to talk to someone in a different location, we don’t even have to move! We can just text each other! However, is this a good thing? All because of technology, more than half of the worlds population [more than 3.5 billion people!] are internet users/social media users/facebook users. But, 81 million facebook users, are fake profiles! So, how do you know who you are talking to? Although, if something like that happens, you can report them, which is a good thing. Before, we had to pay £100 or more for music, now, we can stream online, for free! So we don’t have to spend a single penny. Also, you can now facetime people in different locations, E.G, My auntie went to Moroco, for a few weeks. Sadly, I didn’t go. So, I face timed her! And we chatted for a while, so without technology, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my auntie! So luckily, the digital world is very helpful, But it can also disappoint us, it can effect our lives and hurt our feelings, because people can comment bad things too/ about you, and that can create depression, or maybe, you might see someone very good looking, and you think you look bad, but it’s about the inside that counts! Just, remember to be safe, and you’ll be ok. We need to be safe on the internet.

NOTE: Be safe on the internet. Many bad things can be sent like inappropriate content. You should be guided by an adult when using the internet. But still, don’t be scared to be the real you! You have the rights to be yourself! But please, spread this message, so everyone can have a better future on the internet.

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