The easter bunny’s evil plan…

Everybody loves easter, even when you’re not a Christian. Christians believed that Jesus sacrificed himself on Good Friday, and then resurrected on the day, we now call easter. But, we get easter eggs, not filled with yolk, with chocolate! Why eggs? Because of the easter bunny. Why an easter bunny? Well, I don’t know! But maybe a bunny wasn’t a good idea…

I wonder, where is the easter bunny when it’s not easter? Maybe it doesn’t exist, [well, that’s what I believe] or maybe, it’s making an evil plan to…ruin the the world population’s hygiene! Because, scientists/doctors, prove that sugar, sweets, chocolate and candy, is not good for you. And can damage your teeth. But, I still cant wait to eat all that delicious chocolate!

EASTER DAY:                                                                                                    Yes! It’s easter, lets find those yummy eggs!…1 egg found!…2!…3!A FEW MINUTES LATER…Yeah! 17 eggs in my bag! Lets go watch T.V! Daily News! Ugggh! Not the news!                                               “The easter bunny, has been caught tring to steal everyones teeth. Luckily, he’s been arrested. Ewww! It steals teeth. Easter bunny, why did you do this? We all looked up to you!”                                           “I want all the people’s teeth! Because, everyone makes fun of me, because I only have 2 teeth! [Starts to cry] I never liked it! So, I wanted revenge!” Wow, the easter bunny is evil, which means…I was right!!! We should’ve saw this coming! Why an easter bunny? Nobody knew!

Kids, if you’ve seen this, now you know the dangers of the easter bunny! So never trust it! Look, it looks so scary! I’m going to have nightmares! I know we all love chocolate, but it isn’t healthy. See! That’s why all bunnys/rabbits, eat carrots! They’re livin a healthy life style! I get it now!





7 Comments on "The easter bunny’s evil plan…"

  1. The Easter bunny sounds very scary!

  2. The Easter Bunny sounds scary, but it is a good article.

  3. Saj cool story a bit random but thats ps. if the easter bunny took your teeth how come i see you eat chocalate all the time?Mysterious.

  4. Ryley simmonds | Jun 11, 2018 at 2:29 pm | Reply

    Well done saj great article. The Easter bunny sounds scary but really good at the same town.

  5. Ryley simmonds | Jun 11, 2018 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    Well done saj great article. The Easter bunny sounds scary but really good at the same time!!

  6. Finley. I have a great excuse. I’m chocoholic! No! I’m serious!

  7. I’m sure you aren’t evil

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