The frog who flew

Nearby was a bottle-green-coloured frog who always dreamed to fly,

While sat on his log he thought and thought and then began to sigh,

For the frog it seemed impossible to fly although he thought all morning to nigh,

All of a sudden an idea struck his head as he looked up into the sky.

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He gathered some sticks, some leaves, some vines and finally started to build,

The frog worked hard all throughout the day but something seemed unfilled,

After all the frog’s hard work he carried on to drill and drill,

At that moment he realised flight was not easy to build.

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Instead the frog returned to his friends and politely asked for advice,

The flies, bats, fish and spiders whispered to each other, made a plan and then began to cut up some dry ice,

The frog perched on the ice and waited for the surprise,

When the ice lifted off the ground he couldn’t believe his eyes.


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“I’m flying! I’m flying!”, screamed the bottle-green-coloured frog  who always dreamed to fly,

No longer was he sat on his log but high up into the sky…

I hope you enjoyed this article! (or poem.) This article means you should believe in yourself and if you think you can’t do it you should try.  On the other hand, if you are struggling ( like the frog) you can also  ask for help from friends or an adult. Bye!


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