The GHOST! (horror stories)

Welcome, are you looking for a horrifying story? Well these scary stories are going to be short but will definitely be spooky so, without further ado, let’s get STARTED! Many, many years ago, 2 men were digging a grave. One of the men said “Do you believe in the ghost rumors that the other grave workers believe? Because this job we are doing is digging the most popular guy in the whole of history and time but no one knew his name!” “Seriously! That’s a whopping load of baloney, of course I don’t believe in that nonsense!”                                                   “You don’t? Well I do!” and just like that he disappeared.   Wait a second that didn’t scare you? Oh..well who am I kidding that wasn’t scary at all. Alright…I said alright! Onto the next one … jeez… ” DUDE! look what my fortune cookie says! It says 1 plus 1 equals… infinite LIFE!                                                                  ” Bro.  I hate to tell you this but… THEY DON’T EXIST!”  Tom snarled. ” What does yours say?” He snatched it out of his hand. ” “You will die. Woah!”                                                                        ” I TOLD YOU IT DOESN’T EXIST!” Tom shouted. But just as he was going to leave the room, something came through the letterbox, it was a phone. “Someone left a message” Tom thought and just like that he died… Okay that story ended too fast. You know what?I should have changed the title. What..what? Alright I’ll have a really really short story cause’ I’m running out of time.

The Ghost!

I…I remember only a bit about it. I will tell you all of what I remember. It was a day,a day like any other but then it was staring outside at me. Mum and dad weren’t home. Then I saw something looking out in my bedroom window. Then I looked away for only a second and it started banging on the door.At that moment, the banging stopped. “Holy shmokes!” And then the floorboard creaked and it was right behind me…  I dodged it. I ran and hid in the closet. I heard it saying something then I realised.”Come out, come out wherever you are now you will die if you don’t.” Then what happened was unbelievable… I died. Now if your’e wondering how I’m talking it is because… I’m “IT” hahahaha!!! 

What do you think? you like it? Hahaha finally you’re scared goodbye!



4 Comments on "The GHOST! (horror stories)"

  1. Afsana Suhana | May 19, 2017 at 2:07 pm | Reply

    What an ending!

  2. I liked the story setting.

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