The Ghost Of The Villa, Part 1

“I’M COMING!” screamed Squishy. He was getting ready for his 2nd residential, and he just couldn’t wait! “I’m feeling so excited!” thought Squishy, as he packed his teddy, Mr. Gruffles.

As Squishy rushed down the stairs with his heavy suitcase trailing behind him, he realised he forgot something.

“My trainers! I forgot them!” Squishy squeaked. He rushed upstairs again and his suitcase tumbled down the stairs, bursting open with clothes. When Squishy grabbed his trainers, he ran down the stairs. But he slipped on his toy car and fell into his suitcase.

“Ugh!” he groaned as he heaved himself out of the suitcase. He stuffed his clothes into the suitcase and went into the kitchen.

“Hey Squish.” said Squishy’s dad. “Are you ready? Did you use the bathroom? Have you eaten enough? I mean, there’s an leftover pancake, if you want that.”

“I’m okay, Dad. I’m stuffed with pancakes anyway. Can we go now?” pleaded Squishy. He really wanted to go.

“Sure. Do you have your things ready?” replied Squishy’s dad.

“Yeah! Can we go now? Pleeeease?” said Squishy. He was getting impatient now.

Image result for 5 minute later

Five minutes later, Squishy was at the school’s main entrance.

“Have fun!” shouted Squishy’s dad from the car.

“Dad! Don’t scream like that in a public place!” chuckled Squishy, and he went off to find his friends.

“HIIIIII!” yelled Cookie, Squishy’s friend. Squishy jumped. Cookie was really loud!

“Hi. You scared me there!” said Squishy. He went inside the school with Cookie, and their suitcases trailing behind them.

“Sooo, are you excited?” asked Cookie, her big hazel eyes staring into Squishy’s eyes.

“So excited!” exclaimed Squishy. They both were soon caught up by their friends, Billy Kool, Mob, Fiona, Jimmy, Herobrine and Narrator.

“This is going to be, like, the best residential ever!” squealed Fiona.

“I can’t wait to see what our dorms will look like!” said Narrator. Mob, Jimmy, Billy and Herobrine agreed.

As they went into class, the teacher, Mr. Deserted did the register.

“IS EVERYONE EXCITED?!?!” screamed Mr. Deserted.

“YEAH!” everyone screamed back.

Soon, everyone was in the coach, chatting to one another. Squishy was finding a seat, until he found this on the floor:

Image result for salt crystal

It was a salt crystal! Squishy picked it up and slipped it into his trouser pocket.

It was a LONG time until the students actually reached the residential villa. People felt travel sick, others needed to use the toilet. Squishy was annoyed at this.

Soon, they reached the villa. It looked a bit like this:

Image result for old villa house


It looked very grand, with its mowed grass and neat bushes sitting near the entrance of the villa.

“Whoa….” said Squishy. His jaw fell open. He thought the residential villa would be a bit less formal, like a normal house.

Everyone climbed out of the bus and on to the grass. They stared in awe, even the teachers did!

“Let’s go inside, everyone! We can check the house out.” said Mr. Deserted. Everyone followed behind him.

“This is so, like, fancy!” exclaimed Fiona.

“I agree, isn’t that a fountain?” Billy pointed to the old fountain, which was crumbling to pieces now.

“Yeah, but it looks soo old! Does it still work?” questioned Mob.

“I don’t think so, Mob. Anyways, we should go catch up with the others.” replied Herobrine. He went and dissapeared into the crowd.

“Yup. By the way, I have some sweets in my suitcase for our midnight feast!” said Narrator.

The friends went into the crowd with Herobrine and tried to catch up with what the class was talking about.

Now, inside the residential villa, there was a ghost named Belladonna Doe. She had died years ago and she somehow stumbled upon this villa. She was especially scared of the class staying here. What if they find out a ghost was actually living here?

Meanwhile, outside, the class were hauling in their suitcases and belongings. Their teacher promised if they went inside the house quietly, he would bake a scrumptious cake for them to eat.

“Hey, what if there was a ghost living here?” said Jimmy.

“Don’t be silly, Jimmy! Why would, like,a ghost be living here?” said Fiona.

The whole class quietly went into the house. It looked a lot like this:

Related image

“This is pretty decent.” thought Squishy. Suddenly, there was a sound of a door closing. Squishy looked around, but no one had left the room. Mr. Deserted called out the names of the students living in dorm. Mob, Billy, Herobrine, Jimmy, Fiona, Cookie, Narrator and Squishy were in one dorm.

As soon as the friends rushed upstairs to their dorms along with everyone else, Squishy told everyone about the shutting of a door.


“You can’t really say that, because we don’t have enough evidence yet.” said Squishy.

“HAH! said Fiona, flicking her hair at Jimmy.

“Oi!” said Jimmy.

“Guys, stop being so loud!” said Narrator.

Minutes passed by, until Mr. Deserted called from the stairs. “The cake is ready!” he shouted. At that moment, everyone ran out of their dorms and sat downstairs in the kitchen. The cake was a delicious chocolate one. The sweet chocolate oozed from the sides of the spongy slices. Jimmy was dying to eat it. He simultaneously asked Mr. Deserted if the class could eat it.Image result for chocolate cake

Once the class finished the cake, they each had a glass of thirst-quenching lemonade.

When everyone went up into their dorms, Jimmy found something on the dorm floor. It was a piece of ragged silk, which had possibly fallen off Belladonna’s dress she wafted around in. Cookie found something too, another piece of silk.

“Where did you find that silk?!” exclaimed Fiona. She loved the texture of silk.

“Umm…I found it on the floor.” said Cookie.

There was a faint knock on the door. Everyone suspected it was Mr. Deserted, but when they opened the door, they were in for a big surprise.

Everyone stared in awe.

It was Belladonna. Once she saw the students, she fled.

“Was that, a ghost…?” stuttered Jimmy. His face was white as paper. Everyone was shocked.

That night, Mr. Deserted took the students out for a campfire. It took Jimmy’s mind off the ghost for a few hours, until he saw Belladonna passing through the woods.

A few hours later, Jimmy told everyone about the ghost.

“Should we befriend her?” asked Mob, raising her eyebrow.

“NO!” shrieked Jimmy.

“Come on Jimmy, she doesn’t seem so bad.” said Billy.

“Yeah! Jimmy, stop being a baby! Let’s go meet this ghost.” suggested Cookie.

“Not now, everyone is still awake. Let’s go at 12 o’clock.” said Fiona, wiping her face with a flannel.

“Oh, I can’t wait!” said Narrator excitedly.

“What should we do until 12?” questioned Squishy.

“Have a midnight feast, of course!” said Herobrine. He started ferreting around in his suitcase and found a bag of sweets. Narrator did the same.


A Retro Sweet Bag

Everyone picked out a few sweets and ate them. Cookie then found a bag of sweets in her suitcase!


Image result for bag of sweets

Everyone ate, talked and laughed until 12.

“Look! It’s 12!” said Cookie, her mouth full of sweets.

“Great! We can go now!” said Mob, Billy and Narrator in unison.

Everyone crept out of the dorm as silently as they could and tiptoed downstairs. There Belladonna was, sitting in the rocking chair. Jimmy tried his hardest not to scream.

Squishy took a deep breath in and had the courage to say hello. Belladonna was rather startled by this and she flew off into the other room.

“We didn’t mean to scare you!” Jimmy whispered.

Belladonna came back, her white eyes staring right at them. “Sorry… I just haven’t had visitors in a long time.” Belladonna sighed.

“So, what’s your name?” Billy asked.

“Belladonna. Belladonna Doe.” Belladonna said. She put her hand out to shake. Billy shook it gently.

“So, what are you doing here?” said Narrator.

“Well, ever since I died, I guess I just roamed the halls of this villa.” Belladonna replied.

The students talked to Belladonna for a few hours.

“You mustn’t let anyone know about me, or you’ll be cursed. I met a ghost when I was a small child, and told everyone about it. Ever since then, I’ve been cursed.” explained Belladonna.

The friends crept up the stairs, and into their dorms. Narrator, Cookie, Billy and Mob were reading a book, whilst Jimmy, Fiona and Herobrine were talking. Squishy snuggled up into his sleeping bag, holding Mr. Gruffles tight. He was excited that he finally met a ghost.

Related image

Squishy suddenly woke up at the crack of dawn. So were all his friends.

“Why are you guys awake…?” yawned Squishy.

“We’re going on a hike, Mr. Deserted said so.” said Narrator, brushing out her strawberry blonde hair.

Squishy quickly brushed his teeth and got ready for the hike.

“Will we be able to talk to Belladonna?” Fiona asked.

“I don’t think so.” Jimmy replied.

“Obviously not! Everyone’s awake!” said Mob.

“Duh!” Billy said.

Image result for people hiking

A few hours later, the whole class was on their hike.

“This…is….tiring…” panted Jimmy.

“Attention! We are going to have a rest now.” Mr. Deserted said.

Sighs of relief rippled through the class, and Jimmy was certainly relieved.

Soon, the class were back into the villa and in their dorms.

“That was exhilarating!” panted Jimmy. He fell down onto his bed with a bump.

“Are you really THAT tired?” said Narrator and Squishy in unison.

“Come on! You have to admit it was tiring.” said Jimmy, unzipping his coat and throwing it on the bed.

“I guess it was tiring.” Fiona said, eating a pear.

“I can’t wait to talk to Belladonna tonight! What should we ask her?” Squishy asked.

“You guys tell me what questions you want to ask her, and I’ll  write them down.” Narrator said, opening her notebook and pen at the ready.

“Well, umm…..” mumbled Mob.

“Wait, guys! I have something to show you!” exclaimed Squishy He looked in his pockets for the salt crystal he found on the floor the other day. But when he pulled it out of his pocket, it crumbled to pieces.

Image result for salt

“Umm…salt?” muttered Billy.

“But, it used to be a salt crystal….” Squishy sighed. He emptied all the salt into the bin.

There was a short silence between everyone until Cookie broke the silence.

“Who wants to make a small banquet out of sweets for bugs and mice?” Cookie asked.

“As if mice or bugs would eat this sweet stuff.” said Fiona, flipping her hair.

The day passed on, until bedtime.

“I guess we should wait until 12 again.” yawned Jimmy.

Squishy dived into his comfy sleeping bag and read a book. So did Narrator, Mob and Billy. But Jimmy, Fiona and Herobrine were arguing about sweets.

“NO! I WANT TO EAT THE LOVE HEARTS!!” Jimmy shrieked, and snatched the love hearts sweets from Fiona.

“I HAVEN’T TASTED THEM, SO LET ME HAVE THEM!!” said Herobrine, snatching the sweets out of Jimmy’s hands.

“I WANT THEM!” hissed Fiona.

“GUYS! STOP FIGHTING!” screamed Cookie. Everyone stopped fighting immediately and were handshaking each other.

“I’m sorry, mates.” said Jimmy, and shook Fiona and Herobrine’s hands.

“Same here, mates. I’m sorry.” said Herobrine.

Soon, the clock struck 12. The friends got up and sneaked out of the dorm.

Belladonna was roaming around the villa. Jimmy cleared his throat and managed to say hello.

“Oh, hi. I didn’t expect you to be here today..” said Belladonna in her whispery voice.

Now, upstairs, was a kid named Fizzy. Fizzy was very curious, but also loyal and truthful. He heard the kids talking to Belladonna and crept downstairs. There he saw and watched the whole conversation. When Squishy and his friends went to the doorway, they saw Fizzy.

“You were talking to a ghost!” Fizzy exclimed.

“Don’t tell anyone or you’ll be cursed!” hissed Herobrine and Narrator.

“As if.” was Fizzy’s reply.

“It’s true!” said Squishy. “Go ask Belladonna herself!”

Squishy was quite terrified that Fizzy had found out. The friends would be in deep trouble. Deep trouble.

“Oh no,” thought Squishy. “Fizzy CANNOT tell anyone!”

“Who’s Belladonna?” asked Fizzy.

“The ghost!” everyone hissed.

Fizzy ran after Belladonna and spoke to her. Soon, Fizzy knew about the ghost. He rushed up into his room, and woke everyone up, telling them about Belladonna.

“Really?” questioned Waffle, one of Fizzy’s friends.

“Yeah! Squishy told me!” exclaimed Fizzy.

The ghost news spread around like wildfire. Soon everyone knew.










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