The Golden Eye

The Golden eye

 Bronwyn lived in a dark narrow house, that everyone was scared to go close to, because, Bronwyn’s father, the evil landlord they called him, wasn’t a pleasant man, but Bronwyn, his little angel was.

As the clock struck 9, Bronwyn ran out of the house in a hurry. Her father shouted to her ,”Bronwyn where are you going? Stop!” He was scared that something might happen but he doubted she would come home hurt. Quietly, to herself she said ” I’ll find that treasure and nothing will stop me.”

Her grandma owned a museum close to her house.Every little bit of time she had to spare Bronwyn visited it. She went there because there were several maps hung on the wall, everyone said they were maps showing where  Captain O’Mally’s treasure laid. She tried all eleven  maps but didn’t find anything.

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When Bronwyn got there, she snuck in by the back door. Ready to go on a journey. She took one of the maps and set off. On the top of the old,map it said,  Do not be fooled, this is not a game,easy it will not be finding my treasure for I have hidden my treasure again. Bronwyn followed the algorithm carefully. She stared at it as if it was magic. It said: take 37 steps South, 42 steps East , 19 steps North, and 27 steps South. When she reached her destination, she heard water and leaned over. She discovered that she wasn’t on the beach but on the side of a cliff that led down to a fast flowing river with lots of rocks surrounding it.

One rock slipped, and Bronwyn fell, she just managed to hang on. She screamed for help yet no one came. As Bronwyn was shouting for help she heard a rattle of the fence. She tried to stay calm but the thought of falling that hight scared her. A few moments later, a dog ran up to her  and started to pull her coat. Bronwyn took a rope from her bag, tied one end to her waist and at the other end she tied a hoop and threw it onto the fence. It fell of the fence and unexpectedly the dog was pulling it. Even though she was nearly on the land she did not stop shouting for help. Shortly after, Bronwyn heard an unfamiliar male voice. At first she thought that he came because he heard her shouting for help but then she thought that he came because the dog that came to her was his dog.

Minutes later, she was on the ground. She didn’t know how to thank them. “I’m Bronwyn, what is your name?” Bronwyn asked  ” I’m Alex” He replied to her in a deep but friendly voice. “Are you alone here Bronwyn?” He questioned her.     “No I’m staying at my grandmas house  not far away.” Bronwyn said, scared he would go talk to her. “Should I show you around? I know this place very well, you don’t have to worry.”                                                                     ” Well if it’s allowed in this creepy town.” Alex said looking around himself. “Why does this town not have any phones ?”                                                                                                                                                                                                      “We do, just that they break easily, and they cost more than anyone can afford. If you  want to call someone your going to have to simply yell their name.”                                                                                                                                                            ” Oh, ok then, should we keep on going? ” Bronwyn stayed silent and moved on.”Do you live here?   Questioned Alex.     ”Yes, I do it’s not easy but we hang on.”                                                                                                                                          ”What do you mean we? ”                                                                                                                                                                     ”Well of course there’s more of us here.”

”Ah we’re here.”                                                                                                                                                                                             ” Where are we? Are we safe?”   Alex asked wondering if it wasn’t a trap.   “We’re at  O’ Malley’s  Museum. Come on, come see it.”  Stepping into the museum, Alex cautiously followed Bronwyn.  It was so quiet in there that you could have heard a pin drop.The only sound you could hear was the wind chimes. The first thing they went to see  was an old, wooden boat, that was made out of all the ships Captain O’Mally took over with his crew. As days past, the museum lost it’s population.

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