The Grinch Review

Directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier,

Based on the book ‘The Grinch’ by Dr. Seuss


The villagers of Whoville love nothing more than Christmas, and they have been celebrating it as a town, every year. But there is one pettish, complaining, green creature who undoubtedly hates Christmas. This year he plans a terrible and nasty arrangement so he can crumble Christmas into microscopic pieces. He intends to steal everything jubilant on the very rare and special day, Christmas Eve.


Inside a colossal pothole, on Mount Crumpit, the Grinch and his reliable dog, Max live an independent life. When the people of Whoville jubilantly celebrate the Christmas holidays with lots of laughter, that’s when the real exasperation of the Grinch appears. The Grinch gets even angrier due to the fact that the society of  Whoville decides that this year, their Christmas is going to be three times bigger and brighter. so that’s when the provoked Grinch becomes conscious that there is only one way to achieve peace and quiet. The verdant whiner forms a mega vicious plan to bring a stop to Christmas once, and for all. He plans to disguise himself as Santa Claus, swipe Christmas and blackout the Who’s good spirits, at long last. Until a determined girl named Cindy Lou changes everything by a few crucial words…


The Grinch himself is the central character, enunciated by Benedict Cumberbatch, whose extraordinarily passionate and enthusiastic grumbles and alarmingly stern cackles suit the character.  In the film, he is very handsome and definitely entertaining. I also think that even though the Grinch is very aggressive, he can be very courageous inside.


Despite the fact that the ending is surely expected, the Grinch is very imaginative and inventive in view of the fact that he makes lots of new gadgets just for the special day. he makes lots of new inventions to help him on the journey, like, fake candy-canes, to light his way through the dim, foggy night (and up and down chimneys) and, some Christmas hooks with rope to go down the Who’s chimneys to help gather any Christmas trees, lights, or Christmas decorations, (poor people).


This film is positively extreme and very entertaining. I would recommend this film to anybody, at any age, no matter if young or old. I thought that this film leaves a remarkably essential message that Christmas is not just for getting presents, but it is also time for sharing and spending time with family and all your neighbors. Since it is a very bright and absorbing animation, I would highly recommend this film to everybody, especially families. This film is so enjoyable, that it would be a shame to miss.


Rating: 5 stars



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    I still haven’t seen the film but I am looking forward to seeing it. A great review. Well done!

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