The Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes was born on 13th April 1570 in Stonegate, York. He discided to join the gunpouder plot because he was a evil man. The other members of the plot were Catholic. He wanted to kill king James 1 because he was Scotish. After queen Elizabeth 1, King James was next in line to throne of England, so then Guy wanted to put an end to this. He was a experieced soilder. He didn’t fight for his country, but this is were he gained experience with explosives, also where he decided to call himself Guido. He wasnt the main conspirator in the gunpowder plot, but had a important role in the plot.

A celler bellow the house of Parliament was rented by one of the members and was filled with 36 barrels of gunpouder. There was enough gunpowder to destroy the whole building and houses by it. He was in charge of the gunpowder.

During his involvement in the plot, Fawkes called himself John Johnson and gave this name when he was arrested.  He was taken to the kings bed chamber to explain why he wanted to blow him up. Guy Fawkes said he wanted to blow the Scottish beggars back to the mountains. Guy and the others were hung, drawn
and quartered. Fawkes wasn’t actually thrown in a bonfire. Guy was once a term for an ugly person.

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