The Hole part 1

Once in a land far away there was a hole – it went so deep you could not see the bottom! Also there was a little girl about 11 years old and she was called Kelly and one day she fell down this hole and she found another world! A world of blocks happy villagers and crops, but when the moon comes out mobs spawn and a man called Hero-Brian comes out and terrorizes people. The mobs are dangerous and there are many types of different mobs like zombies, creepers, witches and skeletons.When Kelly had fell down this hole she found a village, she was a bit hungry so she had to kill a pig and she got some raw pork-chop, but she didn’t know how to cook it. A villager called Brian came up to her and showed her how to cook food and it was not called a cooker it was called a furnace.Kelly killed a sheep and she got 3 yarns of wool for a bed so she could sleep because Brian told her about the mobs and Hero-Brian. Kelly kindly asked Brian if she could have 3 oak wood planks to complete the bed.When night-time slowly approached Kelly got scared so Brian asked her if she would want to have a sleep over for the night, Kelly said yes.Kelly glanced out of the little window sadly wondering where her mum and dad might be.She had no idea how to get back up to the surface nor what to do while she was inside the hole.The next morning (on the surface) Kelly’s mum and dad wondered where Kelly was, they searched everywhere and asked everyone who they knew, but not a single person said that they knew where Kelly was nor where she might be.When Kelly was falling down the hole all she saw was endless darkness Kelly was a bit scared of the dark but she had to deal with it for an hour because that is how long she fell down the hole for.When it became morning (in the hole)Kelly thought that somehow she must get out of this other world so she asked Brian if he new and he did he told her the only way to get back up to the surface is to kill Hero-Brian.But Kelly wondered how, she didn’t have any weapons or armor all she had was a bed so Brain said he would train her and help her to get back home.


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