The Kraken!!!

The Kraken

When the wind were howling on the dark stormy day, the sky scowled at me down bellow. I whispered to my wife so my children(Jack and saj) could not here ” I’m going to trade our goods with the other islands.”

I stuffed my breakfast into my mouth as I packed my black bag with food and clothes just in case I get hungry or it gets late. I sneaked like a ninja out of the front door. I finally set of on a long walk(there was no cars)to the harbour , the wind blew me as bikes flew past. I heard boats slowly sailing into the misty sea. Then I heard my mates calling me over to our boat. “hey! down here we want to come with you.”

“Ok let’s go, now!”

“Were going to be rich”

So we set of on a long adventure over the monsters below the stormy sea. The rain fell as the storm got worst. My ship bounced like a bouncy ball until we reached the over island.“let’s go I can’t wait for  all that money.” When we returned we stacked the money in to a corner.“we’re rich!we’re rich! “Let’s go home and tell everybody.”

On the way back something bad happened the water started to rise as a monster rose…


the legend everyone talks about had been awoken it’s a giant octopus it was wacking its tentacles hitting my friends of the boat. Then I found a sword an through it as hard as I could and it stabbed into the hart of the kraken as it sank to the bottom.


4 Comments on "The Kraken!!!"

  1. i loved it especially the last paragraph, i liked the bit where you stabbed the kraken in the heart and it sank to the bottom.

  2. Great story about the Kraken! It really kept me hooked.

  3. Good article. Im glad that you wrote this story

  4. Really good. I’m glad you killed the kracken!

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